Brake Service

Keep Your Brakes In Tip Top Condition With Regular Brake Service and Repairs

Your car’s brakes are a key component to keeping you and other motorists safe.  Driving with failing or a faulty brake system is downright dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. The best way to avoid a potentially serious accident and further damage to your car’s braking system is to book a regular brake service. At Aldo Motors we can service and repair all brake problems such as grinding and squealing noises, vibrating, locking, pulling to one side and sticking or spongy sensations you may be experiencing with your brakes.

Our Brake Service and Repairs:

  • Overhaul or replace brake calipers
  • Service or replace wheel cylinders
  • Replace or resurface disc rotors
  • Check and replace worn brake pads
  • Clean and adjust drum brakes
  • Inspect brake shoes and replace if worn or damaged
  • Check brake lines and hoses for leaks, top up fluid levels
  • Inspect master cylinder for leaks or damage and reseal or replace
  • Check Tyre pressure and condition of tyres
  • Check suspension, steering and shock absorbers
  • Replace brake fluid

We service and repair all makes and models whether you have a front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, all-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive your brakes are in expert hands. Aldo Motors always use quality parts replacement that come with a 12 month / 20,000 km warranty.

We are based in Box Hill, but also offer reliable car service and repairs for residents of Box Hill, Blackburn, Balwyn, Burwood, Camberwell and surrounding areas.

For friendly and reliable brake service in Melbourne, call Aldo Motors on 03 9890 6288 today.

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