Injection Service

Electronic Fuel Injection Service And Cleaning

A build up of carbon deposits in the engine cylinders can affect your vehicle’s power and performance. Sluggish acceleration, rough idling, trouble starting and excessive fuel consumption are all symptoms of fuel injection problems. At Aldo Motors we can diagnose and repair faulty components such as fuel pumps, injectors, pressure regulators, filters and fuel tanks.

Our Fuel Injection Services Includes:

  • Test fuel pressure regulator
  • Clean & decarbonize fuel injectors
  • Clean & decarbonize throttle body, intake manifold and valves
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Flush entire fuel rail and inlet screens
  • Test flow and spray of injectors
  • Check and test fuel pump

There’s no doubt that a fuel injector service will increase your car’s performance and fuel economy. Aldo Motors provide both diesel and petrol fuel injection services to a wide range of vehicle makes and models. Our specialised computer diagnostic equipment and highly experienced auto technicians will save you time and money. We can quickly and accurately pin point the source of your electronic fuel injection problems and advise you on the appropriate solution. It could be as simple as a high pressure clean or as complex as a part replacement to improve your vehicle’s EFI. You’re guaranteed to feel the difference once your car’s EFI has been serviced by Aldo Motors.

We are based in Box Hill, but also offer reliable car service and repairs for residents of Box Hill, Blackburn, Balwyn, Burwood, Camberwell and surrounding areas.

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