Problems With Gears Slipping, Not Shifting Smoothly? It’s Time For An Auto Transmission Service

Your car’s transmission is a complicated piece of machinery; it basically powers your car so you can drive it. The transmission is made up of several key components that work together regulating the correct flow of engine power and fluids to the clutch, gears and driveshaft. Without a driveshaft and gear system you’ve just got an engine that goes nowhere.

It’s important to maintain your transmission paying particular attention to the fluid / oil levels. Aldo Motors perform automatic transmission service and repairs on all makes and models of cars. We recommend you change the transmission fluid and filter every 12 months or 20,000 kms for peace of mind.

Automatic transmission repairs can be very expensive because of the very complex mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and computer components that make up your vehicle’s transmission. So it pays to have it regularly serviced, especially if you notice oil leaks, changes in transmission oil colour, unusual noises, vibrations and odd shift behaviour.

At Aldo Motors we specialise in front and rear wheel drives, 4×4’s, automatic and manual transmission service and repairs.

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