LPG Gas Conversion

Save On Fuel Costs With LPG Gas Conversion

If you’re concerned about rising petrol costs, and want a cheaper and environmentally cleaner fuel alternative, then consider LPG gas conversion.

Take a look at the benefits LPG conversion offers:

  • Reduced fuel costs by up to 60%
  • Reduced exhaust / greenhouse emissions
  • Government rebate
  • Engine noise is reduced
  • Improved combustion
  • Smoother ignition
  • Engine lasts longer because there are no carbon deposits
  • Excellent performance and safety

And if you think LPG is just for large vehicles, then think again. Smaller cars too can benefit from switching to gas. Most unleaded petrol vehicles can be converted to LPG and Aldo Motors will advise you on which LPG kit is suitable for your type of car. We are AAFRB and IAME accredited LPG installers, which means you, can be sure all our LPG gas conversions conform to the Australian safety standards (AS 1425).

Gas conversions typically take up to two or three days depending on the type of LPG system is being installed for your particular vehicle. When your vehicle is ready for pick up, our trained auto technicians will guide you through the features of your new LPG system and how it operates. Plus we provide LPG maintenance services to keep your LPG system in top condition for your driving pleasure and peace of mind.

For quality LPG gas conversion in Melbourne call Aldo Motors on 03 9890 6288 today.

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